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HILBERT 8 is a New York based, SEC registered investment advisor.  
We focus on European families, and our clients include individual and institutional investors from all over the world.  
We work with leading broker-dealers, selected by our clients in a wide range of jurisdictions.  We recommend that our investors actively participate in the US capital markets, as they are the deepest, most liquid in the world, and can provide efficient access to other developed and emerging markets.  We will consider all available opportunities globally and match them to each client's investment requirements.
Tailored Portfolios

A tailored client portfolio is constructed (and maintained) according to each client's needs and risk tolerance, based on one of our 

3 proprietary quantitative based model portfolios:

  • HILBERT 8 Conservative        

  • HILBERT 8 Moderate               

  • HILBERT 8 Aggressive             

Hedge Funds   

We currently manage - available only for accredited investors - the HILBERT 8 Multi-Strategy I, hedge fund.

This hedge fund may be appropriate for some tailored portfolios.

For more information about our Portfolios or Fund please contact investor relations at:




HILBERT 8 was founded in 2013 by Konstantinos Argyropoulos and Yanni Spyridakis.  

The name was inspired by a famous mathematical problem.

"Who of us would not be glad to lift the veil behind which the future lies hidden; to cast a glance at the next advances of our science and at the secrets of its development during future centuries? What particular goals will there be toward which the leading mathematical spirits of coming generations will strive? What new methods and new facts in the wide and rich field of mathematical thought will the new centuries disclose?"

It was with these inspiring words that German mathematician David Hilbert opened the second International Congress of Mathematicians which was held in Paris in August 1900.  In, what is considered one of the most influential speeches about mathematics (and science in general), Hilbert presented a list of 23 major mathematical problems whose solution would significantly advance the development of mathematics and humanity in the coming centuries.  


Almost all of Hilbert's problems have been solved to date, despite having been extremely challenging.  And, needless to say, their solution indeed played a big role in mankind's great scientific progress in the 20th century.  

However, the 8th problem still remains unsolved.  We can't wait to hear - hopefully soon - that a proof has finally been found.    

Hilbert's 8th problem focuses on the topic of Number Theory (or Arithmetic, as it was called by the ancient Greeks).  Its central question asks for a solution to the Riemann hypothesis, which has puzzled mathematicians since 1859 (though Hilbert's 8th problem also includes other problems from Number Theory, such as the Goldbach conjecture and the twin prime conjecture).



Marcantonio joined HILBERT 8 in 2016.  He has worked as Vice President and Senior International Wealth Management Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management focusing on Greek and Italian clients. He has almost 30 years of wealth-management experience and joined Merrill Lynch in 1991. Mr. Antamoro helps clients with global portfolio management, asset-allocation strategy and a variety of investment vehicles in the currencies that clients prefer. Prior to joining Merrill Lynch, he was an Analyst in the International Private Client division of Shearson Lehman, and an Associate at Chase Manhattan Bank in their Consumer Bank Management Development Program. Mr. Antamoro is fluent in Greek, Italian, French, Spanish, and English. He is an honors graduate from Brown University with a B.A. in International Relations and a B.A. in Business Economics.
Ibrahim joined HILBERT 8 in 2016.  Mr. Diane holds a Master's degree in Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago (2007) and a Bachelor's degree in Applied Mathematics and Economics from Brown University (2006). In the past, Mr. Diané has worked as a risk analyst at Deutsche Bank, where his main responsibility involved building financial hedging tools for the interest rate swaps desk.  He also developed several trading strategies and provided various types of execution services to institutional clients (hedge funds, pension funds, insurance companies, etc.) as a bond futures trader at Barclays Capital.  In addition to having worked in the fixed income capital markets, Mr. Diané has experience in lender finance and commercial real estate, having briefly worked as a distressed investment analyst for the Special Situations Group at Goldman Sachs.
Marina joined HILBERT 8 in 2013. She has worked both in the UK, with Dunnhumby (subsidiary of Tesco) helping analyzing customer data and providing consumer insight and Greece, with AB Vassilopoulos (leading supermarket chain) as a junior category buyer. Ms. Spyridakis holds a BSc in Management Economics from University of Essex (UK) and a MSc in Management of Intellectual Property from Queen Mary College (UK).


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